Getting Some Instafabulous Home Designs

Does your bathroom still have that old shower curtain rod with a curtain covering your shower stall?

The latest trends are seeing more and more people switching to glass shower doors with the help of a professional who does shower door installation, Manahawkin.

Read on to find out why you should switch to glass shower doors, what they can do to improve your bathroom, and how to find someone to provide shower door installation, Toms River.

Switch out your old shower curtain

If you are still using the old-fashioned shower curtain rod and curtain combo, you should consider switching to a frameless glass shower door instead.

Shower curtains have a tendency of letting water escape and get all over your bathroom floor — causing water damage and slip hazards.

They can also become moldy and need to be washed or changed, often.

Glass shower doors resists fingerprints, soap build up, and keeps most if not all water in the shower instead of on your floor.

A frameless glass shower door will resist mold due to the lack of fabric, sealant, and seams.

Switching to glass shower doors also makes your bathroom more luxurious and makes it look more expansive.

Creating the perfect bathroom

Glass isn’t just for the doors, either.

Use glass to make shower walls classier, or even add shelves to your shower stall.

Try having mirrors installed as shower walls to increase the style of your bathroom and also make the room look bigger.

You can use different types of glass to fit your style and privacy needs.

Frosted glass and rain glass can add a level of privacy, whereas bronze glass can add a unique touch to the room.

Another way to make your bathroom more luxurious is to match the glass with a natural stone, like granite.

Either way you go, glass shower doors can increase the look, feel, and ease of cleaning in your bathroom.

Find the best shower door installer

When you have decided to switch from a standard shower curtain to glass shower doors, do your research to find the best shower door installer.

Ask family, friends, and neighbors if they know of someone.

Check out the online reviews.

Shop around.

Discuss what you wish to get out of your glass shower doors, and any other ideas you may have.

Look at pictures of their previous projects and ask for testimonials from previous clients.

Ensure they have a valid license, proper credentials, and adequate insurance.

Get at least three estimates for cost and time the installation will take.

If you are still using a shower curtain rod and curtain to cover your shower, you should consider upgrading your bathroom.